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  • What are we about?

Started in 2011 by Chris Elsmark, MBA, this site serves as the platform of an open-source knowledge sharing project to recognise outstanding thought leadership content for the professional investor community. Driven by his simple mission, "Better insights, less noise", this site offers a clean, minimalist reading experience to discover and share insightful professional investor content. Anyone can submit new thought leadership content, but the scoring mechanism reflects the number of upvotes by institutional and professional investors only. As this open-source project continues to grow, we welcome new members to join us as we migrate to the next generation of this site in early 2017; please click on "SIGN UP"


  • Our story

Our story is one of connection - among investors, asset managers, and their communities. Copthall Partners was established by Chris Elsmark to help asset managers grow by serving their existing investment clients better and gaining the trust of potential investors. Since day one, Copthall Partners has been about inspiring, educating and motivating investment professionals to achieve their full potential. The growing membership base of our open-source knowledge platform has played an instrumental role in elevating compelling investment ideas and insights to asset owners and asset managers worldwide. We are proud of and grateful to the growing number of experts who inform us of worthy professional investor content, that they believed would inform and inspire the global investment community. That collective voice forms the foundation of our success today.


  • Our private membership organisation

We're connected to hundreds of professional asset owners and their advisors. Membership of this open-source knowledge forum, the Copthall Partners' Club, is for Institutional and Professional Investors and for those with sophisticated knowledge of financial markets. What they have in common is the belief in the value of open-mindedness and knowledge sharing to enable well-informed decision-making and better investment outcomes.


  • How does it work?

We ensure compelling insights and ideas are heard by professional investors and opinion formers through our knowledge exchange forum, that is powered by recommendations on content from our global network of members.


  • But is this simply social media selecting what is the most popular content?

No, we see it differently. While anyone may contribute or recommend content (How to submit), we count on our Professional Investor members (defined as experts) to determine what's important to ensure we only highlight relevant and compelling thought leadership content.


  • Is published content on the site paid for by asset management organizations?

We do not manage money nor lobby for interest groups, or charge fees to get content highlighted on our site. We are neutral acoss ideologies and intellectual disciplines. This allows us to strip away biases and preconceptions to facilitate a new form of engagement that is free of gogmas, fads, and clichés.


  • What's in it for you?

Simply, privileged access to recommended new ideas and insights for professional investors only. If you like what you see on this site and think it's useful, we invite you to join us as a member. We encourage strong member participation and provide forums for collaboration and idea generation by organizing rountable meetings and one-to-one meetings with members.


  • Psssst - have you heard?

As a member, your input is invaluable to take great ideas and insights and help them grow. We are delighted to inform you that the next generation of this site will be launched in early 2017, but why wait?


We look forward to your contribution to this influential open-minded community.


- The Copthall Partners' team


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Members and Advisory Council


Members include CIOs, Manager Research professionals, professional fund selectors,, academics, senior business executives, and leading opinion formers. Our 'Expert' membership is composed of senior investment professionals. Professional members recommend the most important thought leadership / professional investor content, rating them and providing short explanations for their selections. Our 'Associate Members' bring together those working within the investment management industry and related professionas. These may include academics teaching or researching, financial journalists, investment consultants and other similar careers. Associate Members can recommend professional investor content, but cannot rate them.


We benefit from our Advisory Council members, who provide provide the strategic and intellectual framework for thhe open-source knowledge sharing project. The Council reflects our multi-stakeholder membership, including CIOs, Manager Research professionals, professional fund investors, academics, senior business executives, and leading opinion formers.


2015/16 Council Members are as follows:


Laurent Auchlin


Head of Manager Selection

Credit Suisse, Switzerland

Chris Elsmark, MBA


Co-Founder & Executive Chairman



Cyrille Urfer


Head of Asset Allocation

Gonet & Cie, Switzerland

Sébastien Gyger, PhD, CFA


Independent Investment Advisor

Ex-Head of Portfolio Management, Switzerland

Joseph Mariathasan, PhD


Independent Consultant, U.K.

Contributing Editor, IPE

Richard Philbin


Chief Investment Officer

Wellian Investment Solutionsl, U.K.

Knowledge Network


Here is a representative list of organisations that members belong to:


  • Credit Suisse Wealth Management
  • Julius Baer
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Blue Sky Group
  • Lombard Odier
  • Mercer Investment Consulting
  • Russell Investments
  • JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Norges Bank Investment Management
  • Legal & General Fund Research
  • Victoria-Volksbanken Pensionskassen AG
  • City Financial
  • Lundbeckfonden
  • Soc Gen Private Bank
  • Danske Capital
  • Groupama Asset Management
  • Nedgroup Investments
  • Max Matthiesen
  • ING Pension Fund
  • Medical Defence Union
  • Envestnet Asset Management
  • Signia Wealth
  • Daiwa SB Investments
  • GMO
  • Federated Asset Management
  • EFG-Hermes
  • Rasmala Investment Bank
  • Nedgroup Investments


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